Roadside/Forestry Maintenance

Sud Recycling provides specialised equipment for roadside servicing, and maintenance of green spaces and forests.


The scraper-loader is tractor-adaptable allowing you to level roadsides continuously.


The mechanical de-weeder is used anywhere where earth and vegetation obtrude roadsides, riverside pathways and path edges.


In 1971, Seppi started to specialise in the development and production of forest shredders and today it is a market world leader.
Two ranges of strimmers exist, one for forestry and the other with its multi-purpose hammer, offering the client an extremely large programme. These machines can be adapted to tractors, cranes, skid steers and other tracked vehicles.


The ditch cleaner can be easily fitted to the arm of a powerful strimmer in the place of a shredding unit.


For occasional and intensive tree stump work, the DMS work on the same principle as a carbon tool disc, whittling away the stump with successive grinding. Two disc diameters are available.