Tyre Recycling

The Tyre Recycling process comprises of 3 main steps:

  • Rough pre-shredding process for getting 50-150 mm size output can be considered as a preparatory stage for the following processes; rough pre-shredding process is a good way for decreasing the volume and consequently the storage and shipping costs; alternatively the 50-150 mm output can be used as energetic source
  • Fine shredding for getting 20-25 mm chips; during the second step the steel fraction can be sorted and removed. The 20-25 mm output mixed can be used for road and building foundations; the chips can be used in the process of incineration
  • Further and final grinding for getting 2 to 4 mm size granules usable in various industrial processes


Stokkermill machinery, properly combined, can efficiently carry out the three steps required by use of two-shaft industrial and single-shaft grinders, HD blade granulators, sorting and classifying systems.